Oh, oh, oh

So the summer expansion is going to be Industry based.

The first Dev blog a few weeks ago was about reprocessing.


The second Dev blog released now is about manufacturing.


More DEV blogs are expected to cover the Industry UI, Research, Job Cost Scaling and working in Teams.

There is a lot to the latest blog.

They are resorting and labelling the Manufacture and Research section of the Market into something that is more logical to navigate.

The damage done to R.A.M and R.Db manufacturing inputs will be removed. Instead they will just become a standard ingredient item.

With the capping of Item and Ship refining at 55%, they will be removing the concept of “Extra Material” during manufacturing.

Somewhat contentious, they will be removing the slot system for stations and star bases. Instead of 50 manufacturing slots in a factory station, an infinite number of jobs can be submitted. They will be replaced by a scaling system – with costs to submit jobs going from 0 to 14% depending on how utilised the station is. If you are a full scale manufacturer that means you will want to move your jobs to a quiet station. For people just making small volumes of stuff for themselves, that means they should be able to use these services any time they want without waiting.  It will also mean BPO research should become much easier and more accessible.

If that wasn’t big enough, the next comment is that they are looking at allowing POS to be anchored anywhere in Hi-Sec (aside a handful of protected systems) without standing requirements. I expect there will be a run on moons when this is first allowed. I might even re-anchor a POS or two as place holders. (Surely they will also be allowing some mechanism to hack or remove such things though?)  There will be changes to the various POS modules to come in line with this new approach, and you will need to place BPO in the POS to do research on them going forward.

Last of all the Dev blog has an image of what the new Industry UI might look like. Pretty…

Very interesting and – I might actually be feeling a little excitement about the next expansion.

Paying attention to the stories

My Capsuleer awoke and undocked in their Buzzard. There were two other pilots mining and two signatures to scan down amongst a sea of anomalies. These worked out to be a Data and a Relic site, which were run for around 4M ISK in loot. There was a Jaspet site in system, so the Hulk was next undocked. The Alt was also awoken and refitted the Orca for mining boosting, and they also undocked. Another 19M ISK was earned over a short stint.

I’ve been in the island for a bit over a week now, and my total casual income has been around 125M ISK. These are from sessions which were as short as 10 minutes at a time, and included 3 or 4 mining stints, the most I’ve done in possibly years. Your real pay days with this sort of gaming are from the faction spawns – but there have been few; and their drops particularly poor. That’s just the luck of the draw – the fact I am undocking means I am open to the chance of some reasonable ISK.

That is what the Island is offering so far, reasons to undock, even if just for a quarter of an hour.


Mining tends to be more relaxed on the Island

The other day I noticed a suddenly influx of pilots in the system I was idling in. This many pilots appearing together is unusual for the Island. I glanced at them, and noted most were freshly in various NPC corporations, having just left a Player Corporation.

Looking at the war history of the corporation, I could see they were under a War Dec. Looking at the War Report, I could see they had lost a couple Orca’s and various other ships in the war, and were obviously losing. Given the pilots were all together, it didn’t look they were bailing out on each other, just (possibly temporarily) the Corp.

Because the area is quiet I am picking up a lot more of the stories behind the other pilots. There is a pair of Pilots – obviously a Main and an Alt, who are always circling the island probing down sites in a fairly methodical manner. There’s another pilot who circles the island at break-neck speed, running specific sites for maximum profit, and making a particular point to steal faction spawns from other players. There’s a couple mining Corporations who strip belts in an assortment of barges with support, and there are some mission runners doing their own thing. There are also a lot of explorers generally.

As I sat cloaked off the wormhole to Jita the other day I watched a procession of familiar pilots moving supplies in and out. Obviously this is a location and method of living that other pilots have also found to their liking.

An unexpected scramble

I was doing the rounds of the Island, checking for any Hi-Sec wormholes. Early indications are that these won’t be particularly common.

I was being regularly interrupted by wife and kids, so it was taking a while. Some of the inhabitance might have been thinking I was the worst scanner in history for how long the probes could sit idling in space.

I found a hole to Low Sec, which dropped me off in Reblier, right next door to High Sec. Having lived in Syndicate I was very familiar with Reblier, and its often camped neighbour 6-CZ49. At a pinch I could use it to ship in supplies, particularly if I used some scouts, but it would likely be dangerous.

I moved on hoping for a better option, and a couple systems later found a fresh wormhole to somewhere in Hi-Sec. The colour suggested the other end terminated in Lonetrek, and sure enough I stepped through to be only 3 jumps out from Jita.

I embarrassingly did a little fist pump.

So – I have the kids around all day and plenty of work to get done, but this is an opportunity I can’t pass up. Over the day the Wormhole saw a flurry of activity, with me having all three accounts logged in and active.

I moved my Main Alt into the pocket. I moved an Orca, Hulk and Mackinaw in. I moved half a dozen PVP ships in – mostly recons. I moved in some haulers and a Noctis, and last of all I moved in a PVE Assault Frigate.

I had to buy and fit all these. Although I had some of them sitting around unused in other stations, I just couldn’t afford the time to collect them. It was a mad scramble as it was just to get this much done in between all the normal busyness of my day.

In hindsight I really should have prepared all these before – probably having them in Jita already to go. The bank balance is a couple Billion ISK lighter because of it.

I’m still not fully set up, but I am in a much better position that I was before that wormhole opened up.


Voting for CSM9 has opened.


I voted with my three accounts. Some years I’ve a bit negative about the process, but I was generally pleased with the work done by CSM8 and felt it was worth making some effort this year.

I have to ashamedly admit that I did not listen to the available podcasts or read each candidates manifestoes. Instead I paid attention to who current CSM members and my favourite bloggers were endorsing and why. I then compared this list against some of the groups I dislike and who they were endorsing, and came up with 7 who seemed hardworking moderates who focused particularly on Hi and Low Sec, Manufacturing and Industry.

Good luck in particular to Sugar Kyle and Mike Azariah

I liked Susan Black’s related blog post on who the CSM may actually represent:


I suspect she is right in the sense that more than half of EVE players probably don’t involve themselves in the wide variety of EVE out of Game information, resources and conversations. Throw in bitter Vets who don’t vote because they are, well, bitter, and the CSM and those who vote for it are probably a minority mix of enthusiasts and pilots from organised blocks. Or to look at it in another light, CCP tends to end up listening to the types of people who generate game content. That’s not a bad thing in my mind.

Quick Access

I’ve played more EVE in the last week than I have played in the previous 3 months. I had a number of reasonably long sessions over Saturday and Sunday, which I spent running sites, mining, and looking (without luck) for wormholes out of the Empire Island.

Basically I hit a brick wall of exhaustion in Real Life, and I’ve been capable of little else but vegetatively staring at my computer screens. EVE has allowed me to recharge my batteries a little.

The location does however give me the ability to log in, find something to do quickly, and then log off again. I’ve remarked on it a couple times already, but this is a really big deal. I mean, really big.

I have to play solo because I am not reliably available to play the game with others, and I have to focus on short content as I am constantly interrupted. In my normal home system the resources are commonly depleted, so I find I log in, glance around, and then log off again. This happens more often than not, and that can build up to the point you get detached from the game.

In this new location there has always been some sort of content I can quickly interact with. I log in – actually do something, and then go deal with a child crying or throwing a tantrum. I feel as if I got my money’s worth out of the game.

I suspect this would be an area CCP would get a big player return on – spending a bit of time on fleshing out readily available mini content.