So it begins

I’ve been playing EVE for a bit over four years now.  The real life friends that introduced me to the game have moved on over the last year, and I find myself a little aimless, but not ready to mothball my ships.

To help focus my attention, I plan to blog about goals, thoughts and observations around the game. While I have maintained another blog since 2004, with this one I don’t aim to be entertaining, informed, or even interesting.  Set your expectation low.

2 thoughts on “So it begins

  1. Hello Evehermit,

    I wanted to say thanks for your blog. I’ve been reading through the archive of your posts and I find them most interesting. You have an easy to read method to your writing that I find quite refreshing.

    Also, on your “About” page you mentioned that the images seen in your posts are actual in game screen captures and that EVE really does look like that. I find that so remarkable, that EVE can be so stunningly beautiful that we have to actually tell non-players “Yes, it really looks like that!”

    It’s amazing.

    Anyway, thanks again for your thoughts and I look forward to more.


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