When I first joined EVE the player count at login was usually around 10,000.  Now it is generally above 50,000.

If I look at where I have lived in EVE, Derelik would come up as “home”.  It is generally quiet, been ignored by many of those extra players, and has lots of out of the way systems where you can do your own thing.  Its main draw backs are a lack of stations, average agents, and its great distance from JitaRens however is not too far away, which suffices for most of your standard equipment needs.

I have also spent plenty of time in Providence, and lesser amounts of time in Kador and Catch. Currently I have my main cache of stores and supplies in Devoid, but am living out of an Orca as I move around and slowly grind standings for the Corporation that owns my home. (Why pay taxes for refining and manufacturing if you don’t need to. It gave me a goal to focus on anyway.)

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