Incursion is here, well, kind of…

I make a point of reading the EVE patch notes from top to bottom. As I go through I highlight anything that I want to check, explore or experiment with. There seems to be less highlighted in the notes for Incursion 1.1.0 than normal.

I’m intrigued by the impact of the Sansha Incursions – suddenly having empire systems out of bounds for days adds an interesting dynamic. I am not sure what impact it will have though – are NPCs camping gates and station exits, or will you just have God Rays to marvel at while you auto pilot your freighter through the consolation? I expect in the end you will have a core of coordinated corporations making ISK from them, and the average empire player finding them too hard, or the open fleets too annoying, and just side stepping those systems.

I’ll look at the character creator later, but I was surprised at how many of the portraits in local have already been updated. They look somewhat more “dynamic”.

I wonder if I am the only one who cringes every time the contract system is changed – wondering at what new wave of scams it will trigger. I do like the ability to contract damaged items, alerts if the item is in a lower security area than you are now, if it is in a player owned station, guns automatically being unloaded, and having the ignored issuers list increased from 80 to 1000.

I wonder if the fact you can now anchor a POS in 0.4 systems without standings will see more players doing so? Or, if like me, they find the fuel costs since PI came in to be too exorbitant for having a POS just for casual use.

Lots of things to keep me busy in game over the coming weeks.

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