How many toons is enough…

I currently have two EVE Online accounts.  If you want to do anything half serious by yourself, or want to fly a capital ship, it is probably a requirement.  I use 12 month subscriptions, and all up it costs me a bit under $1 a day.  That is cheap entertainment.

I did have 3 accounts for a while to make logistics in 0.0 easier for myself, but have since consolidated.

My main character has a bit over 70M Skill points.  It is a do everything type toon, with half decent industry skills, and the ability to fly and appropriately fit all ships in game of Battlecruiser size and down.

My main alt has around 65M SP.  It can fly and appropriately fit all Gallente ships bar supers.

Backing them up are an 8M SP trade/haul/manufacturing/PI alt, and a 6M SP covert ops alt, both cyno capable.  Last of all there is the must have Jita price check alt.

Between them I can try out most things available in game.

Those with counting skills will note that means I have 5 portraits to make in the new character generation tool CCP just released.  I did my first last night, which took two attempts and over an hour.  I tried to base the character on its original image, but there was simply no way to get them looking similar enough.

I also found that getting the character looking good in full and close up modes did not mean it would come up ok in Portrait mode.  I had to go back and do things like reduce eye makeup (never thought I would say that in a sentence…), and even change hair styles to get the portrait looking even half as good as the full character.

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