5 from 5

New character portraits completed.  Annoyingly I forgot to get full length screen captures for half of them.  Relatively happy with how they turned out.

Picked up the following skill books last night for my main –

Jump Drive Operation
Jump Drive Calibration
Jump Portal Generation
Black Ops

Not sure I will rush into the Black Ops (my Alt can already fly the Sin), but it will be nice to have the skill tucked away for a rainy day.

I need to go through and redo my Skill plans in EVEMon for my main.  One of my original goals was to be a support ship specialist.  To that end he can now fly all Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser and Battlecruiser hulls in game.  Unless I am mistaken, the only things he cannot fit to these hulls are the following:

Armored Warfare Links
Information Warfare Links
Siege Warfare Links
Skirmish Warfare Link
T2 Siege Launchers
Covert Cyno
Medium Smartbombs II
Codebreaker II
Analyzer II

That adds up to 40 days for the fleet skills, and 66+ days for the rest.  My Alt can already fit all the Warfare links, so that chunk of skills is a long way down on my priorities.

Next I need to redo my other skill groups – Battleship Hulls (and the fittings I am missing), Haulers, Refining/Industry and Capitals.  Being able to fly and fit all ships in game (bar Supers, I don’t think I’d ever play hard enough to earn that sort of ISK) suddenly seems attainable.

(Just noticed there were over 60K players online at the moment.)

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