Incursions have started…

The incursions started after downtime today.  Checking under Journal > Incursions I noticed one was 15 odd jumps away from where I was, so I wandered over in an Interceptor to have a look.

When you jump into an effected constellation you get a new panel on your overview showing the Incursion Profile.  You are also automatically put into a constellation wide incursion chat channel where fleets are organised, people complain about losing ships too quickly, and others troll each other.  (When you leave the constellation you are warned that you will be kicked from that channel after a 2 minute delay.)  The closer you get to the main incursion site, the more noticeable the background colour changes.  In the area I was in it was more meh that wow.

The bigger incursion sites appear on your overview.   I assume the smaller ones need to be scanned down, but I did not have any luck with the onboard system scanner the couple times I tried.

I did not notice any Sansha ships on the gates or around the stations.  I also didn’t notice any in the belts I checked out, until I almost lost my Interceptor.  Warped out and found CCP had done their usual trick of adding new overview settings, and leaving them off by default.  Rectified that.

You can see a list of the sites, the rewards, and the number of people you should use for optimum payment in the Journal area.  From the complaining I saw in local, the rats drop no salvage or bounties, so your only reward is whatever is listed in the journal.  I am not sure if you get this when clearing the site, or if the incursion needs to be defeated first.

There seemed to be a distinct lack of logistics joining up in the constellation I was visiting, which did not bode well for their success.   Lots of people joined up in mission Drakes and Ravens – rushing in to experience their first Incursion.  Then quickly they were leaving in pods complaining about how it was too hard, and have no chance.  I wonder at how many of those will preserve, and how many will give the feature a miss in future.  I suspect the answer to that will depend on the prowess of the people organising the fleets they join up to.

I moved just out of the area and docked.  I’ll go have a closer look tomorrow.

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