Incursions – the first days…

So far it would seem the real winners from Incursions are the griefers and pirates.  It is easier to suicide gank haulers and expensively fit PVE ships in the Sansha influenced constellations, rumors of smartbombing public fleets, clustered together while coordinating themselves, infiltrating fleets with pilots under War Declaration, and killing logistics and RR pilots who repair them and so flag themselves, warping fleets into sites after others have done the hard work, and of course ninja salvaging all the expensively fit PVE ships, lost directly to the Sansha.

Statistics from some of the first constellations invaded in empire space showed 1,000+ dead capsuleers in the first 24 hours, and Sansha incursion influences remaining at 100%.

Lots of aggravated forum posts about expensively lost ships, moronically organised public fleets, the lack of logistics, poor fits, and foolish tactics – for the most part trying to solo content designed for 20+ players, and attacking the hardest sites while the Sansha influence was at 100%, instead of first working on the easier sites and getting the Sansha influence down.

It is not all doom and gloom, there were also plenty of people having fun.  I could see it encouraging more people into corporations and fleets, which I assume CCP is hoping for.  I am not sure the mechanics will work though, and I suspect this will just turn out like Wormholes and Faction Warfare – with relatively small numbers (proportionally) of people in Corps dedicated to farming the resource, and most other players ignoring them.

Time will tell.

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