Flying Ships…

I am pretty sure my counting is out, but in theory my main can fly about 200 ships in game, with 35+ to go.  I say in theory as there are 30 odd ships I will never likely fly due to rarity and / or cost.

For the majority of ships I can fly, I can also appropriately fit them.  (No guarantee I do, but I should have the skills to fit all the standard T2 modules used on them.)

The “fit appropriately” bit is important in EVE.  My Alt’s carrier training plan was over 200 days, and even from the time he owned and was able to fly a Carrier, he still didn’t undock for more than 3 months to ensure he had his fitting right for purpose, and then it took 3 more months to pick up the extras like Triage.

Out of all the ships I can and have flown, these were the ones which left a particularly positive mark:

. Osprey – I remember it both as it accelerated my earnings in the early days, and because it introduced me to the concept of squeesing the most out of your training and fittings.

. Hulk – It was a substantial increase in earning capacity at the time, and made it plausible to strip mine entire belts.  Whereas a lot of improvements in EVE are generally only in small increments, the step up from Covetor to Hulk was huge.

. Damnation – One of the first ship images I had in EVE was of the Damnation, and right from that early stage I decided I wanted to be able to fly one.  I was quite chuffed when I achieved that goal – although I have never actually flown one in anger as I’ve not found a fit that wasn’t bettered by an alternative ship.

. Recons – I love flying these, although they are expensive, the first thing targeted, and require more skill to fly well than the “standard” PVP ship.  (Skill I lack.)  I grin every time I undock in one.

. Orca – this one might seem a little strange, but while it is a nice addition to any mining operation, the main reason the Orca stood out is because it introduces you to Ship Maintenance Bays and Ship based Corporation Hangers – what used to be just the domain of 0.0 Capital pilots.

. Noctis – the last ship which gave me a bit of a “wow” moment was the recently released Salvaging vessel the Noctis.  The (current) 68km tractor beam range with 1700m/s speed, plenty of cargo space, cap stability, etc, basically means that with a little planning you warp into the middle of your mission wreckage field, and in a fraction of the time taken previously, clean up everything without having to move.


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