EVE Links

There are a myriad of good EVE related websites out there.  (You can easily spend more time surfing them than actually playing the game.)  For a central location for CCP’s official updates, I use their Facebook page –

For getting a general gist of what is going on in the universe, I like the Kugutsumen (Start in EVE Online Uncensored) and Scrapheap Challenge (Start in War & Politics) Forums.  The Official EVE Forums are rather a poor source of information on what is happening in game, but the Recruitment section can be useful.

For a graphical overview of territories held, I like the Influence Map.

For maps to print out

For online maps, and a myriad of in game statistics

For finding mission agents and getting an understanding of what missions involve, I like

And for general overviews of what you can do in game, I like (free to download, with version 3 coming out soon)

And this little one which CCP linked to the other day, which is kind of cool –

I don’t have any industry links at the moment.  Even though there are many great sites, I haven’t been using them for a while, so can’t say what is out of date, etc.

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