Looking for a home

I’ve been casually looking for a Corporation to join over the last couple months. Since I am not inclined to change my allegiances, I have taken the process seriously. I even jotted down some thoughts on what I was looking for. (Which is somewhat sad.)

. Established, multifaceted
. Stable history
. Half sensible Leadership who cope with EVE’s dramas
. Solid core of older players
. Relaxed, RL > EVE approach
. Remember EVE is a game
. Not really into Pirating, Scamming, Trolling
. 0.0 Access preferred, and active FC’s would be nice
. Active in my TZ
. Don’t define activity by CTA attendance or kill boards
. Don’t consider themselves, or care to be classed as Elite

Care bear with teeth I would guess.

My last Corporation was with mates (the ones who have now departed the game), but the one previous to that covered all the bases but for being active in my time zone. That is a killer. You miss the majority of the events that define your Corporation and Alliance, get stuck repairing structures, and when they do such things as group staging or evacuations, you are forever left to make your own way.

I wonder though am I being too picky? I’ve done some background checks on a dozen or more Corporations over the last month, and have a couple that intrigue me. Unfortunately both are either at war or part of a major conflict, and I would prefer not joining at that sort of time. I don’t mind either, being war dec’d just adds interest to the game, and being part of the evolving political history is cool. I just would prefer not starting with heightened suspicions about if you are a spy or not.  Aside those, I am finding little that matches my needs.

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