Did I just waste my time?

The problem with having a 900 day skill plan is that it can be hard to know where to start.  I figured I would continue with some of the remaining small support ship skills I was missing.  The Stealth Bomber was chosen to be given a little loving, with Bomb Deployment IV currently in training, and Torpedo V queued up next.

It dawned on me this afternoon – just what was I getting for going from Bomb Deployment III to IV?  I will be able to re-use the Bomb Launcher after a 128 second delay instead of 136.  Two days of training for 8 seconds.

I have only been on half a dozen bombing runs in anger.  On each of them there was always (much) more than 136 seconds between runs.  Being able to turn around 8 seconds quicker is really unlikely to make a difference.  I suspect I just wasted the last two days of training time.

I like the concept of the Bomb Launcher – and practiced attacking my poor alt – trying to get comfortable with the process.  My limited experience however has been disappointing.  Lots of fleet members decloaking each other, failed warp in points, and lag, lag, lag. I haven’t lost a stealth bomber, but I also haven’t killed anything in one.  Maybe in the future.