Hauling Ships

I made well over 100 gate jumps in EVE today – moving mission loot back to my home base, and doing an overdue datacore run.

My favoured datacore hauler is the Exequror cruiser.  Without expanders it can carry 900m3, can be fitted with a reasonable tank, and a mixed of Inertial Stabilizers / Nanofibers / Warp Core Stabilizer in the lows.  With expanders it can carry 1,865m3.  With expanders and T1 rigs, that increases to 2,837m3.  It also seems to get ignored.

For quick & small volume hauls, I like the Interceptors with high warp speeds (the Ares, Malediction, Stiletto or Raptor).  Rigged appropriately, they can cover 19.4au/s, which compares favorably with your standard fit Iteron V (at 4.5au/s) or Obelisk (0.8au).  Assuming you are manually flying, they are only at real risk whenever undocking from a major trade hub station.

For large hauls the Iteron Mark V reigns supreme, taking 25,270m3 unrigged, and 38,433m3 with T1 rigs.

For huge loads, the Freighters come in next.  They are however extremely slow to manually fly, and take an age on auto pilot.  If I can get away with it, I prefer using an Orca (which has the added bonus of having a corporate hanger, which can’t be scanned).


2 thoughts on “Hauling Ships

  1. Exequror: this was my first real mining ship for its quite large cargo space, but afterwards never used it again

    Ares: recently this became my AFK-Shuttle replacement with a good 100m3 cargo. I would not rig it for warp speed as this gives only an advantage in large systems (jumps > 50AU).

    Itty V: GSCs give you an additional ~10000m3 if you haul a lot of small items (loot, ore, minerals, …)

    Atm: for the usually mid size haulings (loot, ammo) between my mission hub and the corp base/trade hub I use the Noctis.

    • I have historically operated at least a dozen jumps from the nearest trade hub, so the warp speed rigs were worthwhile (especially given how cheap they are). You are right though in the sence usually more time is spent accelerating and slowing down than actually moving at your top warp speed, unless the system is big.

      I use GSCs if I must, but filling and emptying a full load of them in an Iteron V soon gets boring! 🙂 Good tip though, should have mentioned those.

      I haven’t thought about using my Noctis for mid sized hauls. I carry around a packed Iteron V in my Orca, so if moving loot to a trade hub for sale, I generally just use that to haul back any needed supplies.

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