Incursion 1.2

I haven’t been as active in EVE as much as I had planned the last couple weeks.  Our oldest started school, which means more running around during the day, which means work runs later into the evenings, which means less gaming time.  I also have to admit that I am spending a lot more time in DDO.  Turns out a Warforged Sorcerer is a lot more fun to play than the previous classes I have used.

CCP have announced the release of Incursion 1.2 this Tuesday.  The features can be found here and in more detail here.

The remote destruction of jump clones is useful.  I still have a couple spread across the universe that I occasionally think I must get around to either moving to a safe system or somewhere it might be of use.

Being able to drag and drop on to container icons is cool – although it would be even better if you could turn on auto stacking, or allow a level or two of undo!

Saving Character Portraits will be back – although in hindsight this should only benefit the EVE media, bloggers and creepy people.

There are more improvements to overview settings.  I am not sure they have fixed all the old bugs (for as long as I can remember my overview gets messed up when missioning with two characters together, not clearing dead NPCs, distance sorts getting messed up, objects not clearing between jumps etc).

They have removed another old exploit, so that you will no longer be able to remote repair criminals flagged in high sec, which will stop the accidental fleet concord loss by one of you shooting the wrong thing in a mission, or the on purpose griefing. This change will also encourage me to take a logistics to an incursion.

Some of the UI icons will also be updated, which might then end up with a period of adjustment to get used to.

CCP have also indicated that they will be changing tact – and releasing smaller updates more often, instead of their old big bang approach.  Seeing how this is done in other games, I think this is a change for the better.  I also suspect it might increase the amount of work CCP does on fixing older features, instead of just focusing on the next big thing.  On the negative side, I wonder if it reduces the size and frequencies of the big changes in future.

Last of all – what is up with incursions?  Do they only occur after down time, or in Euro prime time?  I haven’t seen an empire incursion advertised in the journal for more than a week.  I assume they are all cleared before I log in.