It pays to pay attention

Hulkageddon IV kicked off on the weekend.  That is certainly something to keep in mind if you are an empire miner.  This year Industrials are also valid targets.  When I checked the events killboard some 640 mining barges and 150 Industrial’s had been killed in less than two days.  Those sorts of numbers are high enough to remind you that you can’t just blunder about in EVE entirely ignoring what is going on around you.  It pays to spend 15 minutes a day checking EVE forums or news sites to keep a rough track of what is happening in the game.

After some months of looking and faltered starts, I again began the process of communicating with a Corporation with the view of possibly joining.  It looks like it could be an ok match.  I look forward to seeing how it pans out.

My main can now use T2 Torpedo Launchers.  I was a bit unsure of what direction to take next, but I am currently working on Jump Drive Operation, to be followed by Jump Drive Calibration – to be able to fly Black Ops.  That training also helps move towards Capital Ships for that toon.

My alt is currently working on getting each of the Armor Compensation skills from rank IV to V.  I probably should have done that a long time ago.  I don’t have a great deal in mind for the toon at the moment.  His training plan is only 54 days long, and includes nice to haves like Surgical Strike V, Rapid Firing V, and a handful of Rigging skills to rank IV.  I am thinking of adding another 30 days to the plan to get him into Exhumers and be able to mine Ice, just because it won’t take long.  After that I might work on the covert ops alt on that account, or maybe just start on rank V in recons, HACs and interceptors.