Still looking…

I am still having no luck with finding the right corporation to join.  I have contacted several now, who have either not responded at all, or asked what questions I had, then never responded to them.  My queries don’t seem to be out of the ordinary or in large volume, my Corp history doesn’t have anything in it which would set off alarm bells, and forum posts I have made with my main are all innocuous.  It gives a rather poor first impression, and I haven’t been inclined to chase them up again.

I have not been logging into EVE daily – in part due to Hulkageddon, and not wanting to feed the event a Salvager or hauler, and in part as I am still extra busy in DDO.  (I am checking for mails daily via EVE gate however.)  The guild I am a member of – made up mostly of the same pilots I used to fly in EVE with, is very active.  It has been a reminder about how much better MMO’s are when you are operating as part of a team.

Now I just need to find one with that balance of relaxed play, RL > EVE approach, but with a level of professionalism about it.

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