Sebadai raised an interesting point in his recent blog In Limbo – the selection of home and supply bases within EVE.

I think it is a smart move to think logically about where to place your assets. Obviously location is the most important attribute, but within that you have convenience, accessibility and services.

The first location you want to consider is your own Personal Home Base. This is where you store all the collectibles, relatively worthless faction modules, your mothballed ships such as the Primae, Apotheosis, Zephyr etc. Maybe a collection of skill books, mission trade goods, those POS modules, and so on. The sort of assets you collect over time, don’t really use, but don’t want to just throw away. It might also be where you keep your +5 clone, to park your Toon when you go away on holiday etc.

The second location is your Corporation or Alliance Home. This will normally be dictated to you – and is where you store the ships and supplies required to run with your mates.

The next set of locations depend on what you do within EVE.

. Supply Bases – more for those into PVP, a location with spare implants, fitted ships, ammo, etc, close to your hunting grounds.

. Mission Bases – fly in, mission, fly out. Most likely in a location where you run Level 4 or 5 missions. Contain a mission ship, salvager, hauler (for loot sales), ammo supplies and targeted spare fittings

. Industry Bases – with an acceptable availability of manufacturing, research slots etc, with an NPC corporation you have good standings with. Possibly based around where you have anchored a POS, or do most of your PI.

. Mining Bases – fly in, mine, fly out. Contain a Hulk, Hauler, possibly an Orca, and an acceptable availability of asteroids that you want to target

. Trade Bases – self defining

. Mobile Bases – primarily an Orca, carrying all the fitted ships, spares and ammo required for whatever type of work you want to do – missions, exploration, mining etc.

. Personal Capital Base – one or two options where you store your capitals in low or NPC null sec, with wide docking ranges, undock bookmarks, spare cyno ships and fuel, access to empire etc. While your capital might spend most of its time with your corporation or Alliance, this is where you jump to for logistics, or park it when all your space has been lost.

You will often combine the purpose of various bases – since maintaining many bases is boring. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to put all your eggs in the one basket.

I currently have a personal home base which combines with Industry, two mission bases, one capital, and one mobile mission/exploration base. All my assets in game are basically in 5 main locations, most with an appropriate jump clone there.

From experience I think it is usually a very good idea to place your personal hanger within 10 jumps of a trade hub, and 15 to 20 jumps from Jita. Generally keep it off the main travel pipes – just one jump out of the way can make a huge difference in traffic, or how safe it is if you happen to get war dec’d regularly. I am cheap, so I tend to have preferences for those with very low rental for my out of Corp alts. Make sure it also has medical clone facilities, and it is nice if you have a school station within a short distance. My current home is within 10 jumps of Amarr, and both Jita and Ren’s are under 20 jumps away. It has clone and industry services, normally houses less than 10 residents, and office rents are 10K ISK. It’s been a perfect little quite corner to base myself out of when I am just twiddling my thumbs and not focused on anything in particular.

3 thoughts on “Bases

  1. Just wanted to point out that I am in fact a dude playing a girl 😉

    Anyways, this is a very good post which will certainly help me in my considerations!

    • Fixed. I had actually meant to say “their” post, to be genderless. Your decision making will be more complicated as, I would assume, your security status will soon have you banned from flying in high sec.

      • Yeah, I am at -1.7 now, so I’ll soon be banned from 1.0 sec (at -2).
        I’m thinking for ease of delivery by courier contract (have yet to try this) my bases should be right next to Highsec, so that intrepid capsuleers in haulers can jump in and select dock without too much chance to get killed on the way.

        Of course I’ll have to figure out gates that get not camped often – while it would be no loss to me with the collateral I’d rather get my stuff.

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