I’ve spent part of my afternoon browsing the leaked PL forums.  Given the general on field effectiveness of the Alliance, I was kind of expecting to find something, well, more impressive.  Instead it didn’t appear any different than other previously leaked EVE forums.  It had the usual sort of posts, and the usual mix of surly assholes, normal people, and those with the ability to be inherently annoying.  In some areas – such as industry and logistics, they seemed rather primitive (although I guess that makes sense).  One thing I did note was their recruitment review threads, which seemed to have a disproportionate level of derision and self-importance.

I must admit I don’t quite get why people think their adventures in a computer game, set in an imaginary world, counts for all that much.

I am not belittling the effort and, in many ways, skill required to do well in this game.  There are individuals who lead alliances of thousands of people, which in many regards is rather cool.

But when you come down to it – take your EVE context, stories, adventures, and try to share it around with your peers who are not into EVE or MMOs.  Tell your mother in law, your boss, the guy who services your car – and you’ll likely find your geeky ego won’t be showered with accolades.  They will not understand or care.  In real life – your EVE exploits are irrelevant.

It is with that mindset that I just can’t grasp the EVE related narcissistic attitudes.  How do you gain such a high opinion of yourself over something so unimportant?

(Spoken obviously by someone who will never achieve much in game…)

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