Training Rank V

Almost 2 months into the blog, and I am still getting used to WordPress and its quirks.  I assume those people subscribed to the blog only get notified of new posts, and not when I update something 5 times because of foolish spelling mistakes.  I also have a dozen Pingback’s to approve for my EVE Banter post, which I am not sure how to handle.  (I don’t really want long lists of pingback comments against a post, particularly as they were already linked to by the post itself.)  Currently at 33 posts and 15 images, which seems an ok start.

My alt will finish off Kinetic Armor Compensation V shortly, the end of a 28 day queue to get those skills from rank IV to V.  Intrigued to see the impact this might
have on some of his fittings, I brought up his carrier in EFT and adjusted his skills to the new levels.  The result was underwhelming.

The benefit from many skills in EVE at level V can be extremely small for the time taken to train it.  My Alt is at the point where there really isn’t much of pressing need for him to skill up in, so I am just going back and covering off some of these, almost trophy type skills, where the benefit doesn’t really justify the time taken, but they sound nice.

His next 21 days will be spent getting Rapid Firing and Surgical Strike from IV to V.  Probably worthwhile in an incremental way, but certainly nothing you would recommend a 3 month old pilot to embark upon.

I generally get the majority of my skills to rank IV.  If you have the skill, it just seems logical to make sure you can use it properly.  (And many T2 fittings require it anyway.)  The exceptions so far have been for the Large Weapon Specializations.  I normally sit those at rank III.  Each rank gives a 2% bonus to damage to weapons needing the skill.  Rank 4 costs my alt a little over 5 days.  5 days training for 2% damage on three large T2 guns.  I expect the only reason I’ll train that is if it becomes a requirement for T2 capital turrets, assuming they get into the game at some point down the track.

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