In the Blog World

There was a couple interesting Blog posts in my inbox today.

Bphelmet remarked on his lack of enthusiasm for the CSM. [ Link ] As I said in the comments, I don’t believe the CSM has any real power.  It is a mix of public relations exercise and a way of focusing player feedback.  However, while I don’t hold high expectations for it, I can see benefits in it.  There is an active CSM forum, and even a sense of community surrounding it, and it gets players thinking about and discussing the mechanics of the game.  It may even add a level of mystique for players outside the game looking in, and for the people involved, their visits to CCP headquarters would truly be interesting.  If we are lucky, they might even bring in an idea or two, or squash one or two others, that over all make the game better.

DerMuffin spent some time looking at the Hulkageddon killboards at why so many miners still lost their ships in 0.9 space.  [ Link ] As I remarked in an earlier post, you can’t just wander around in EVE totally ignoring what is going on around you.  If you wanted to mine during Hulkageddon you should have downgraded to a Covertor or Retriever, or made an effort to forego your yield a little, and fit a high resists tank to your Hulk.  It wouldn’t have helped against a squad of destroyers, but might have saved yourself against the solo gankers.  It was an interesting post.

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