I was running a mission yesterday (a relatively rare event) when I was surprised to see a mate log in for the first time 5 months or so.  Turned out CCP had let him back into the game for 5 days to check out the new character creation process.  He was impressed.  He then collected some data cores, consolidated some of his assets, and logged.  I asked if he had any plans with his short time in EVE, and he said no.  Without some goal to motivate him, I don’t expect to see him back.

I’ve spent a couple hours on my Alt looking at PI today.  There are 9 planets in my home system.  Not one had any player infrastructure on it – which is a sign of just how limited the resources on them were.  I set up two embarrassingly inept and inefficient process chains on a couple planets just to check out the differences between the old and new versions of the interface.  It seemed slightly more intuitive, and required slightly less clicking.

I have some 700 odd researched BPO sitting on my main, not being used. I might move them to my industry / hauler alt, and start building stuff to amuse myself.  I haven’t gotten into invention like I had planned.  I might look at that also.

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