QEN 2010 Q4

March / April are generally very busy for me, lots of trips away and more visitors than usual, so my EVE time can be limited.  I’ve made no changes to my PI installations or my current manufacturing targets – and for the last week or two have just been spending 10 minutes a day on each keeping them ticking over.  Over the last couple days I’ve also been doing some hauling, collected and sold some 650+ datacores on my alt, and mineral and buy order ship purchases on my main.

I have been sitting in the recruitment channel of yet another Corp that piped my interest, but while the members in the channel have been good to chat too, I haven’t crossed paths with the CEO, and he hasn’t bothered to answer my EVE mail.  For all the efforts and due diligence put into finding corps which should fit my play style and be a reasonable home, I am getting rather fed up with that fact I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

The EVE 2010 Q4 Economic Update has been released – available for download here –


Lots of interesting stuff, just a fraction of which includes:

. CCP has proposed that in 2011 there should be a focus on increasing ISK sinks in game in order to curb potential inflation.

. CCP may look to artificially control the price of PLEX in game to limit inflation or sudden deflation.

. Electronic attack ships are still the least flown ship in game (CCP – they are too expensive, too flimsy)

. There are more Titians being piloted than Black Ops (CCP – Black Ops are a great idea, but you haven’t got them right yet.)

. There are almost as many Tengu class strategic cruisers being flown at any one point in time than Lgeions, Lokis and Proteus combined.

. At the end of last year there were some 1,782 Super carriers and 472 Titan’s in game.

. There are records of some 292 Super carriers and 45 Titans being destroyed, plus a further 35 Super carriers and 10 Titans destroyed in build

. The price of Nocxium increased noticeably – due to reduction in supply after drone drops were changed, and with the introduction of the Noctis which needs more of it in its build

. The price of Salvage has dropped noticeably since the introduction of the Noctis

. The price of POS fuel now supplied by PI jumped 552 percent in Q4.  The resultant drop in POS use has seen the price of ICE related fuel products drop.  (The fuel cost is why I no longer run a research POS.  It just wasn’t justified for Solo use.  That is a pity, since it detracted from the interest / enjoyment in the game.