Incursion 1.4

Found out why the CEO of that Corp I was interested in did not reply – he is now no longer CEO, and the Corp is having issues and no longer recruiting.  That is literally the 3rd time this year a Corp CEO or Recruiting officer has departed soon after I contacted them.  I didn’t think my introduction EVE mail was all that bad…

My main alt’s skill queue is down to around 12 days.  This is the lowest I think it has ever been, and I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  I just have a few rig skills and Starbase Defense Management to get from rank III to IV.  I am contemplating spending 30 days to get him into a Hulk and to be able to mine Ice.  Not because I think he ever will, but just because it’s an easy option.  I could train up his PI skills I guess – otherwise I will have to make the decision on if I start training up other racial ships, or start working on getting his T2 hull skills to rank V.

Within a week my main will be able to sit in the Rorqual, Archon, Revelation, Chimera and Phoenix capital ships.  That is about all he could do however – it would take a couple more months of training before he would be in a position to actually undock, and over a year before he could fly them reasonably…  Those skill books will make a bit of a dent in my bank balance though.  It will be nice to say (maybe later next year) that he can pilot and appropriately fit all ships in game aside from Supers.

Incursion 1.4 was released yesterday.  The obligatory x.x.1 patch is going in tonight.

Patch notes:

Incursion Patch Summary:

Nothing stood out as directly impacting my day to day running around in empire, but I will have to revisit the notes after the Incursion Features site made it sound more impressive than the Patch notes had at first appeared.

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