I’ve spent 3 billion ISK over the last couple days – a small amount in the grand scheme of things, but a relatively substantial amount for me.  Some was for income generation, such as the minerals and (arguably) the Occator.

Last night I purchased myself a Rattlesnake and a mostly T2 fit for it.  I must admit this will probably just sit in my hanger, but I remember when they were as rare as hen’s teeth, and much more expensive.  I never thought the day would come when I would have one of my own.

Today I purchased a chunk of the Capital ship skills, including the big ones of Amarr Carrier, Caldari Carrier, Capital Industrial Ships and Capital Ships.  I also picked up about 60-70% of the other related skills – but need to travel further for the remaining ones.  I will be training a chunk of these to level 2/3 over the next few weeks.

I still have ISK reserves, enough to buy and fit out several Capitals – but I am going to have to consider being a little more energetic in my ISK generation, instead of relying on the slow, almost osmosis like approach I tend to follow now.

CCP released a DEV Blog on the new forum security issues.  It won’t placate the haters, but it seemed to take the right tone for me.

2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Well, the Rattlesnake is on my wish list, too. It will then become my 0.0 ratting ship. Nevertheless, it shall start out T2 fitted and Cruise Missiles V is just about to start… I even had planned a comparison post Navy Domi vs. Rattlesnake.

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