Capital Ships III is training.  Within about 10 days I should be able to undock the Caldari and Amarr Capitals with basic Capital Armor and Shield tanks, mount appropriate Capital weapons on the Dreads and use siege, plus use fighters and drone control units.   (Nothing flash – just at rank 2 to 3, but a start.)  The Jump skills are already at IV or V (picked up for the Black Ops).  Being able to use remote cap, shield and armor transfers will take a fair bit longer, but all told the main Toon will be a little more effective in Capitals than expected at this early stage.  At least I can be on the lookout now for cheap rides on sale.

I contacted yet another CEO about recruitment – and after one slow but detailed response, I’ve heard nothing more.  Either I’m having a heap of bad luck, or I am coming across as a complete idiot.  Regardless, it has been a rather big waste of time.  I didn’t want to keep playing solo, but I might have to start making plans with that assumption.  (I know there are plenty of corps which will take anyone – but that is not what I wanted.)

I’m revisiting anchoring another high sec POS.  I am thinking about moving one of my alts into my main Corp – but will have to anchor the POS beforehand due to standings.  While I can leave it offline, I spent some time updating my POS fuel spreadsheet today.

A small POS with a couple labs will cost 110-125M a month to run at sell order prices, which is just a silly amount.  I could probably cut that down by 10 to 20% with buy orders – maybe a bit more by travelling further for the fuel, and hope that the prices will drop over time.  I do have around 6 months of fuel in storage too – which might cover whatever I actually want to do anyway.  I might also just double check how long it will take for me to mine the ICE needed, and how much I can use PI to offset the price while still in Empire.

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