Moving Along

Capital Ships III is done, and I am working now on lots of capital skills to rank 1.  Amarr Dread & Carrier finished, Caldari Carrier and Capital industrial Ships next in queue.  Seems a while since I had added something new to my “able to fly” list.

I have only been making a trading and manufacturing effort in my region for a few weeks now.  My market orders seemed to get on top of the other two main traders in the corner I am operating out of. (They played the .01 ISK war for a day or three, but haven’t updated their orders since.)  Unfortunately after less than a week of peace someone else has arrived, in a new station, with bigger buy orders and a fair bit less margin.  I’ll play the game with them, but will need to keep a close eye on where the prices go.  There is no need to win a price war if there isn’t a profit in it at the end.

I am contemplating being a little more militant.  The other night I spent some time mapping out the POS in a system, looking for anything offline and owned by a small corp.  I might also start checking out the low sec areas near me – although that will require using a different clone.

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