EVE – a time sink

I spent 4 hours in EVE this afternoon, but for the life of me I can’t really explain why it took so long to do what I did.

My main was situated in The Citadel, picking up the Caldari Dreadnought, Capital Shield Operation, Citadel Torpedoes, Citadel Cruise Missiles, and Capital Hybrid Turret skill books – so I moved him back to my main base.  In the meanwhile I moved my Alt from my temporary mission base to a new mission base, and then repeated the move for my Main.  I picked up some trade buy orders, moved some supplies around, and then noted my afternoon had passed.

EVE can be like that.

Meanwhile I am in the process of moving my PI, Trade and Hauling Alt into my main Corp.  I’ll then move my trading off of my main and onto the corp, allowing both characters to manage it.  I’m also contemplating leaving my buy orders at their current location, but moving the sales efforts a couple systems over.  Certainly not interesting to read about – but such mundane little tweaks and fine tuning reflects a growing understanding of the local markets, and just the sort of complexity that exists around even a simple industrial operation.

* Edit – just noticed this was post number 50.  The blog has so far achieved what I wanted.  I have been playing more regularly, doing more in game, and enjoying myself.