A third account

My Trade alt joined my corporation, and I began the restructuring of my industry endeavors.  I cancelled all my personal orders, moved my stock two jumps to a busier system, and set everything up again as Corp orders.

I don’t know why it wasn’t apparent to me before, but your personal and corporation buy and sell orders are not differentiated in any way when viewed through your Wallet > Orders.  That kind of messes up what I had in mind – I might have to repeat this whole exercise and move all the orders off my main on to my Trade alt.

The reason I am holding off doing that however is that I am toying with the idea of re-opening my third account, and moving my Trade Alt over to it.  I just need to work out if my renewed EVE enthusiasm this year will last long enough to justify the expense.  Given both my primary characters can now fly capitals; it does make sense to be able to have them both use the same Cyno alt.  (Listen to me justifying it to myself…)

Oh what the hell, the exchange rate is good at the moment… here comes a 12 month subscription on a 3rd account.  Now to have my Trade Alt quit the corporation…

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