Capital training on my main continues.  Repair Systems V completed, and Capital Repair Systems is in training towards rank III.  That means I will be able to run basic shield and armor tanks, depending on the Capital I am flying.  I have about a fortnight of training to get all of my current Capital skills to rank III.  I will then start on the Capital Emission and Remote Repair skills.  These will take around 9 days each to cover prerequisites and get to rank III.  My current Capital training plan in EVEMon just ticked below 365 days.

I re-opened my third account, and just completed the transfer of my Trading Alt to it.  I used her SP pool (from the removal of the learning skills) to get Hull Upgrades V.  I will spend the first couple weeks getting her into a Covert Ops Frigate.  I need to spend a little time reviewing her assets, training and implants.

To put a frame work around how I use three accounts…

My desktop is an older i7 920, running 32-bit Windows 7, a GeForce GTX 460 and 2 x 24” screens.  I have two EVE clients installed, and run them in Windowed mode.  The main client is run at 1680×1050 with almost maxed settings.  The secondary client is run at 1440×900, with slightly lower settings.  I usually don’t have an issue running the main client and two of the secondary clients at the same time.  If running the three accounts at the one time I will more commonly run two clients on the desktop, and the trade, cyno or scouting alt on my laptop.