My Industry Alt made use of my Corporations standings, and created a number of jump clones today.  The idea is to have one based around my home with +4 attributes and mid-tier industry implants, plus a couple of clones with cheap implants for Cyno and scouting work.  That will take a little effort to work out what to use, and then jump between then to plug in hardware and shift them around.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in Empire, standings can make quite a difference.  Their importance however is not always obvious when you start the game – to your detriment down the track.  An overview – and a hint at their complexity can be read here:

You can view yours through the Standings tab on your Character Sheet.  You will notice they are divided into Faction, Corporation and Agent Standings, and further split between those that like you, and those that don’t.

Off the top of my head they can impact access to:

. Higher level and better quality mission agents
. Faction Warfare
. The cost of Industry jobs in stations
. Areas of space (if you have negative standings)
. Research Agents for Datacores
. Jump Clones
. Anchoring POS

The most obvious way of grinding standings is running missions.  Successfully running mission for an Agent increases you standing with them, and in turn the quality of their offers and rewards.  This in turn improves your standing gains with the NPC Corporation the agent works for.  Run enough missions of the same level for a corporation (each 16), and you will be offered a Storyline mission.  These in turn impact your NPC Faction standings.  You can read about Storyline missions here:

I find it is very slow and takes an excessive effort to grind standings.

When you gain standings with one faction, you also gain varying amounts of standings with their friends.  Conversely at the same time you lose standings with their enemies.  If you don’t want to be locked out of running missions with opposing factions, or have their NPC Police attack you when entering their space, you need to manage these relationships.  You can offset some of this by training various skills, but I have ended up with a number of mission bases with opposing factions, to try and keep things balanced.

Just as an individual has standings with NPC’s, so do Player Corporations.  Very basically, the Corporation standing is the averaged standings of its players.  The exception is if the player has no standing for that entity, then they are not included in the equation.

Reading back over that it seems too convoluted, but in some ways I like the complexity it can add to the game.  There are three main tips that come to mind –

. Combat missions give higher standing rewards than non-combat missions.

. Do not run missions that directly involve opposing factions / killing of their ships.  The standing hits are much greater than you gain from completing missions, so it can require a huge effort to “atone” for your murderous ways

.  If you don’t plan on a character having worthwhile NPC standings, then never do a mission with them.  (This includes ignoring all tutorial missions.)  My industry alt has no standings at all, aside the one tutorial agent automatically given when you start the game.  This means when she joined my corporation, she did not dilute its standings.

You do haveat least two, possibly three options to fast track standing gains:

. You can use Data Centers to hand over faction tags, and in effect “buy” standings.  Be careful, as these agents can only be used once each.  You can read the details here:

. You can use COSMOS mission areas.  Again there are limitations to how often and even in what order they need to be run.  Again the wiki provides some details:

. I am not sure – but I think the Epic Arc missions provide higher than normal standings increases:

I have used both Data Centers and COSMOS areas to good effect when grinding for standings to anchor a Hi-Sec POS.  The later were also somewhat more interesting to run than the standard missions.

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