Sensor Boosters

I attended an open destroyer roam last night, organised via one of the in game channels I sit in.  It was based on NPSI (shoot anyone not in fleet), and was the first time I had done any PVP for a year.

I set up an Artillery based Thrasher, fitted a tracking disruptor and scram (since the call was for mixed EW), loaded up Spiced Wine, Spirits, Tobacco and Exotic Dancers, and headed towards the rallying point.  As evidence of my carebear empire ways, the cheapest jump clone I had available was kitted out with a full set of +3 implants – but I was looking forward to losing it all.

It wasn’t the most polished of events, but given the random rabble of 60 to 70 pilots who were in fleet at any point in time, there truly was nothing to complain about.  It started with the obligatory Conga line as things formed up, was followed by an online gaming radio station, had what appeared to be the entire fleet disconnect on their first jump into 0.0, saw a dozen lost to a very nice bombing run, and accounted for the death of a number of HACs, Battleships, Battlecruisers, Covert Ops, Interceptors and a smattering of other ships (including those unfortunate enough to drop out of fleet at inopportune moments).

I took the opportunity to drop fleet as we passed a low sec area and headed to bed, somewhat disappointed I would have to wake up the next morning and fly all the way back to my home instead of getting the expected POD express trip.

It was worth doing and I had fun – but there was one aspect that detracted from the event.  Many of the other pilots had fitted sensor boosters instead of EW to their mid slots, and almost everything the fleet ran into was alpha’d before I could fire a salvo.

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