New Toon .01

I liked the look of the new pilot, so decided she would be a keeper.  Meet my new PI Alt.  She is in my corp, had her first neural remap, has a set of +3 implants, a hanger full of skill books, and a training plan of just over a month.  The concept is to get her to rank IV in all the PI skills, and be able to fly basic T1 Fit Iteron IV and Mammoth.  I will use her to gather some of the resources I am either short on or haven’t balanced.  I’ll keep the more complicated installations on my Industry Alt so this one should only need to be logged in once or twice a week.  By the end of the month she should have the following skills:

Gallente Frigate III
Gallente Industrial IV
Minmatar Frigate III
Minmatar Industrial IV
Planetology IV
Interplanetary Consolidation IV
Command Center Upgrades IV
Advanced Planetology IV
Remote Sensing IV
Mechanic III
Survey III
Salvaging I
Shield Upgrades I
Hull Upgrades II
Jury Rigging III
Astronautics Rigging I
Science IV
Targeting III
Long Range Targeting III
Energy Management III
Energy Systems Operation III
Shield Management III
Acceleration Control III
Evasive Maneuvering III
Fuel Conservation III
Afterburner III
High Speed Maneuvering III
Warp Drive Operation III
Infomorph Psychology III
Trade III


On May 6th CCP are celebrating turning 8, and are giving their players a free gift to redeem in game.

Usually these are benign items that cannot be manufactured, with a recent trend towards one trick ponies to encourage players to look at new game features, like the Zephyr (Wormhole Exploration), Primae (Planetary Interaction) and Echelon (Incursions).

Strangely with free gifts, there usually seems to be a mini uproar in game about them not being of much use.  I simply follow the motto of not looking a gift horse in the mouth, and appreciate it for the small token it is.

CCP used to give out these gifts to each pilot in game (so you get up to three on each account), but in more recent times you only get one per active account.  In the blog above, they state the present will be available to “all pilots on active, paid accounts”.  I have three spare slots across my accounts, so I might go fill them today just I case.  It would hint that the gift will have no purpose (like the Apotheosis shuttle), or something they would like people to use / maybe lose a few because they know they have spares.

I had thought my PI installations would only require a couple visits a week, but that was overly optimistic.  Having to move output between planets means I will have to visit at least once every two days.  A more positive miscalculation is the possible value of PI – even in empire.  My current installations (still not optimal) are earning over 3M a day, which adds up over a month.