So I was a little over optimistic with my interpretation of CCP’s gift.  It ended up just being 6 doses of QUAFE Zero per paid account.  These provide a minor boost to ship and scan speeds that last for an hour each.  They are of little value or interest to me – but when I first checked there were plenty of contract buy orders of around 40M ISK for 6 doses.  (I probably should have filled some of those at the time – now there are mostly just exorbitant sale contracts.)

Been a busy week with some travel thrown in.  My PI chain has halted and my market orders are out of date.  It doesn’t matter – I’m happy that they can wait for me to have some quiet time to address them.  I am mindful of achieving the balance where you work hard enough in EVE to get things done, but not so hard that it ends up just being work.

It is nice to see CVA back in Providence ( ) – even if it was not really conquered, instead being transfered by Ev0ke.