EVE Dev Q&A 01

This is an EVE Online thread worth keeping an eye on:


Basically CCP developers are answering questions put to them by players and fans for a day or three.  The overview and questions being asked are here:


You can often glean useful and interesting bits of information from these types of Q&A sessions – although you do need to take the answers with a grain of salt.  What the Devs want and dream about does not always come into fruition.

Early bits that stood out for me so far –

. The long and often requested improvement to the Cyno graphic is in a pipeline somewhere.  (The old effect was so much better than the current one.)

. Next in line for Incarna treatment are Establishments and Corp Offices

. Floated an idea of a new ship class for anti-missile work – but of more interest is the concept of a class of ships designed to reduce incoming damage.  Nasty to get the balance right, but it could add an interesting fleet positioning dynamic, particularly if the defense was not just passive, but required the setting of a short range defensive cone or arc.  Tricky to get right though.