CCP is trying to fix 0.0 by making it harder to live there

CCP has announced that they are going to change Jump Bridges.  In future ships with jump drives (aside Black Ops) won’t be able to use them.  They will also only allow one jump bridge per system – so that if you are travelling along a Jump Bridge chain, you need to use gates to move between each link.

I assumed this is the approach CCP would take – but I don’t think much of the logic.   I still contend that ganking haulers and ratting ships on gates is not small gang PVP, and that if you want to increase the amount of small gang PVP that goes on, you need to increase the population of solo and small groups of people in 0.0.

To my mind, a more effective change would be to remove passwords from jump bridges, and only allow their use by alliance members.  Stop congomerations of alliances from sharing each others networks.  Make it a little harder, or of less benefit, to have dozens of alliances living together as a power block, taking up multiple regions of space.