EVE Dev Q&A 02

My main Toon is stuck half way across the galaxy watching a couple interesting auctions.  I am not sure about leaving him there for the weekend, or have him crisscross the galaxy to run through the Sisters of Eve (level 1) Epic Arc mission – just for the interest.

The DEV Q & A continues.


More things that I found of interest:

. More Tech 3 ships are coming, probably starting with smaller hulls, but they are not likely for 3 years or more.  (This is extremely disappointing to be honest.)

. Over 3,000 full accounts have been banned in the past month for botting or RMT.

. Jump clones might be revisited

. They agree Low Sec needs a lot of loving, but they are not working on it.  (I think they really need too…)  They are however focused on playing around with Null Sec.

. One part of that is looking at industry in 0.0

. Supercarriers and Dramiels are on the nurfing block

. Priorities after Incarna are DUST, World of Darkness, and “improving” EVE.  (Meh… )

. A chance that with the release of the Tornado hull (competition winner), that the other races will have comparable ships released at the same time or soon after.

While I am certainly enjoying my renewed enthusiasm for EVE this year, I was hoping for something more from CCP.  To my mind this Q&A isn’t as comforting or as interesting as the last one.   There are too many “nice idea, but it is not in the pipe line” responses.  There are no ships I am really aspiring too fly, no content I am excited to attempt, and nothing published in the pipe line I am eagerly anticipating.  The last Q&A gave exciting glimpse of possibilities.  This one so far seems more about what we won’t be getting.