Incursion 1.5

CCP is releasing Incursion 1.5 Thursday.  Patch notes:

The biggest change is to Mission Agents:

I’m not sure what to make of that change.  The obvious benefit for CCP will be to hopefully cut down the population in the current main mission hubs.  It should also make it easier for me to patch up some of my negative Faction standings, and require less travel between the Agent types I want to use.  Assuming a spread of Security Agents for each R&D Corp, it will also make it easier to get Datacore research underway.  More of an unknown will be the impacts on population densities and the markets currently based in mission hubs.  Making a game less complicated is also not always a good thing.

Other changes of note to me –

. Finally different icons for blueprints and blueprint copies

. The onboard scanner range has increased to 64 AU with quicker response.

. Ships with jump drives (excluding Black Ops) won’t be able to use Jump Bridges (so that part of the nerf is being implemented quickly)

. A few fixes to the Fleet interface

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