Blood-Stained Stars 03

The end must be nearing – a dozen more missions finished and I am back in the system I started from. Current rewards total 13.6 M ISK (9.1M mission rewards and 4.5M salvage, loot and bounties.) This last series of missions has been easier again, but involved lots of moving around – 2 jumps for Mission 34, 10 jumps for Mission 37, 3 more jumps for Mission 39 and 42, and a nasty 23 jumps for Mission 44.

The storyline continues to be a little confusing, like having to deliver a doll to the family of some up and coming pirate leader you had to assassinate, as way of apology from your boss for letting them go astray in the first place. Even though I am making a point of reading the mission text, the plot is not always easy to follow, and the links between events can be farfetched or even a little lame!

Some of the adventures also do not fall into the mold I am used to – sometimes the people you pick up or assets you move are real, and you place them in your cargo hold. Other times their pick up or drop off is just flagged by your arrival or killing of the last NPC rat. This inconsistency is another area that could do with some polish.

Not wanting to be too negative, the process has still been worthwhile, and on the plus side – almost every combat mission takes place in the same system as the agent is.

I have been very happy with the trusty Retribution – the Beam Turrets are making very short work of these missions, with quick reloading, rate of fire, good range and damage. It has been so nice that I am considering revisiting some of the other Amarr ships such as the Legion.