Moving Along

I must say the BPO and BPC icon changes with Incursion 1.5 have been excellent – within a couple minutes I found 2 BPO in my BPC containers and 1 BPC in my BPO collection.

Account 1 – the Capital training on my Main is moving along well.  He can now use Capital Remote Armor Repair and Shield Transfer modules, and is working on the Cap Transfer one now.  While the skill levels are mostly at rank II or III, he can now cover off the standard sort of fits for the Amarr and Caldari Capitals.  In about a fortnight I am considering kicking off Minmatar or Gallente BS V.

Account 2 – I had only 5 days of training left planned on my Main Alt – he was just polishing off his mining and ice harvesting skills to compliment his new Exhumer skills.  I’ve added Gas Cloud Harvesting and being able to fit T2 crystals for all the Empire Ores now, stretching out his queue to 23 days.

Account 3 – Training of my new PI alt is progressing well.  Her skill plan is down to 9 days, with just 2 left for PI skills and then a smattering of ship skills to allow her to appropriately fit a Mammoth.  She doesn’t have any active planet installations yet – I will probably start that once her last PI skill finishes to rank IV.  When that is done I am contemplating switching over to training my Industry Alt to fly the Orca.  After all this effort I might consider one little solo mining op with two Hulks and an Orca.  Yep.. just the one.

In the coming weeks I plan on reviewing the impacts of the agent changes – and will likely move my mission bases (and all their ships and fittings) to closer locations.  I will probably keep working on improving my Minmatar standings by following suggestions in a forum thread which including taking their tutorial missions.  I also need to start clearing out my “To Sell” station container, which is where I dump mission loot and spare equipment destined for the market.  I don’t think I’ve cleared it in over a year.

3 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. It’s always good to start stockpiling P1 materials even if your at doesn’t have enough planets to do a full chain…

  2. Good to consolidate and clean up all the mission loot in hanger once in a while to reduce some the clutter. Did it recently and was a good chunk of ISK and even had allot of valuable mods around that didn’t even realize i had sitting there. Spring Cleaning I call it.

    • It’s the 100+ sell orders you have to watch and the 0.01 ISK games which put me off the process! As you said though, the value of the loot can add up over time.

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