The winds of Change

While I haven’t spent much time in EVE since the last patch, there do not appear to have been the types of disasters reported for which I had feared.  Glad to see CCP.

The EVE interwebs are suggesting the NC has accepted that they cannot defeat the Supercaps of the DRF and Mercenary forces aligned against them.  I assume that is probably closer to fact than propaganda.  If the NC retreat or are pushed out of their holdings, the reality is it will directly impact many thousands of players.

Just consider that – plausibly more than 10,000 individual players moving into or out the NC’s old home lands.  Industry infrastructure, markets and supply chains collapsing, with new ones going in.  Trillions of ISK worth of ships and assets making hazardous journeys, or being left locked in now hostile stations.

Empire will feel the effect – on its markets, the supply of materials and goods, and from the influx of refugees.  I would even imagine CCP’s subscription count might take a bit of a hit as some of the losers take their bat and ball and leave the game, or even just shutdown down some of their alt accounts.

Is there any other MMO where the player lead, in game actions can have such an impact?

At the moment the question is how far with the DRF go.  In the past there have been times when it looked as a group of blue alliances might get to control the full Null Sec map, but it has never really come to pass.  I assume it won’t here – both due to the efforts and cost required to grind through and then maintain the infrastructure, and because one of the elements of the DRF success has been from Mercenaries that won’t always be on the pay roll.  It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.