More playing around the peripherals of EVE

After working on the Celestis last weekend, I spent a fair amount of time today going over a fitting for my Dramiel.  This included a run to Jita and back to grab some Faction gear and a range of different Ammo to test.

I know the ship is meant to be nerfed soon – but to be frank it hasn’t really impressed me that much.  In the hands of a skilled pilot I can see it would be nasty – but then again, there are many ships like that in the game.  It doesn’t seem to be the “I win” button people allude to.

I’ve ended up with two fittings – both with 6.2K EHP and dual Gistii B Type propulsion, one 150dps with T2 150mm Autocannnon and Small Unstable Power Fluctuator, the other 170dps with T2 200mm Autocannon and a T2 Rocket Launcher.  It moves at 665ms, 2171ms with AB, and 5490ms with MWD.  Nice enough – but you would hope so after spending 100M on a Frigate and its fittings.

I tested it out against my travel fit / tanked Exequror, which at 23K EHP and a flight of four Vespa EC-600 drones rather easily made its escape whenever it wanted to.

Over the week I’ve finished my character shuffling and moving, and have what I want, where I want.

Account 1
. Main (79M SP)
. Ren’s Price Check

Account 2
. Alt 1 – Capital Pilot (73M SP)
. Jita Price Check
. Amarr Price Check

Account 3
. Alt 2 – PI / Trade / Cyno (9M SP)
. Alt 3 – Covert Ops / AF / Cyno (6M SP)
. Alt 4 – PI / Cyno (2M SP)

(While there are people who read this blog who know my character names, and I assume I will post screen captures with them left on, at the moment I don’t mention them directly to reduce the chance of any Corp or Ally I work with getting grief through this blog.)