Certificate Planner

I watched the EVE related Clear Skies 3 movie the other day.  Given this is basically from a fan who is not from within the media / film industry; it really is an impressive effort.


I’ve been using the in-game Certificate Planner to check what skills I might be missing on Alt 2.  Normally I only open it to clear the messages you get when you log in (to claim all certificates) – so it was interesting to use it for purpose.

I like the fact you can add skills directly to your training queue, and it gives you one measure of progress for your characters.  It fails to be really useful however as you can’t (in game) create a list of skills you want to train beyond what starts within the 24 hour training queue.  As such it is easy to forget what you wanted to do next, or to get sidetracked.  I’m not talking about a longer queue time – I think 24 hours is reasonable and forces people to log in.  I’m just talking about a list you can add to, sort, move around etc within the game client, and right click on to add to the training queue when there is room.  (So somewhat like the excellent EVEMon application.)  I also don’t fully agree on some of the skill ranks it recommends, especially at the lower levels.

I made a handful of minor adjustments to my PI installations over the weekend.  Managing them once a week is working out well.  I still haven’t sold anything I have generated, but I will look to do that now as I have decided against re-anchoring the Empire POS any time soon.