Incarna 1.0

Incarna has snuck up on me.  I quickly ran around my toons and ensured they have 3 days in their training queues.  The Incarna patch notes have now been released:

A quick glance through and some notes to myself:

. Check out what the Amarr Maller looks like now.

. Look at the new Agent Finder, Corporation Recruitment, Planetary Interaction and Ship Fitting tools in the Captain Quarters.

. Try out the new Tutorial Missions

. Check out the EVE turrets – should keep me amused for 5 minutes.  I wonder how many people lose their ship for being zoomed in too closely watching it, and not what is going on around them.

Other things I haven’t noticed being talked about before:

. All players logging into Tranquility will now have to create an avatar. You will not be able to proceed into game without one

. All players must customize their characters – you will be prompted to do so prior to entering the game.  Seems odd – will it cost to do so later maybe?

. The transfer of Aurum between players will be initially prohibited.  I must remember that as I have a couple PLEX waiting to convert, just to try the features out.

. There are six new general PVE missions.

. Doing a “stack all” will also re-apply your sorting choice afterwards (good)

. More visually appealing undocking  (Huh?)

. It is no longer possible to set up a ship so that it can’t be scanned without a cloak

. All probes can contribute to scan results, instead of just 4

. NPC jamming has been adjusted again (I knew this already, but is deserves another mention)

By pure chance I managed to watch the Alliance Tournament IX final on live TV.  I turned it off several minutes in once it became apparent Outbreak had broken off its attack and we were not going to get a true match.  The Alliance Tournament website is still worth a look:

No idea why Magnus Balteus reported on the final as being exciting – did he actually watch the same thing as the rest of EVE?  While Hydra Reloaded and Outbreak (the finalists) were in effect the same group of players, and deserve recognition for that effort, they really let themselves down at the end.  They could have dueled it out properly for bragging rights amongst themselves – or done something amusing like an Industrial or Frigate 10 vs 10.  Never mind – maybe next time…