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Two posts in one day…

I was reminded by one of the recent “A Day in EVE” blog posts that Incarna was something I have been looking forward to for many years.  I think the concept is good and the approach is the right one for growing the user base of EVE.  This initial iteration, while a little limited, has promise and is heading in the right direction.

Why then if you read the EVE forums at the moment are you finding the majority of the feedback is full of bitterness and complaints, especially from older players?  After spending more time in the game with multiple accounts, I believe the problem is that while CCP might have moved the game forwards, they have moved the Game Client noticeably backwards.

I have one of the earlier i7 920 CPUs, a GeForce GTX 460, and run 32 bit Windows 7 (my rather expensive scanner doesn’t have 64 bit drivers).  It would probably be middle ranged now.  Looking at the systems load with the new client is rather illuminating:

. Running E-Mail, Browsers, Office Apps and Remote Desktop
. CPU Utilisation under 5%
. CPU Temps 40 to 45c
. ~1.7GB Ram Free

The following figures are with running the same set of applications, plus…

Two Incursion Clients
. CPU Utilisation under 9%
. CPU Temps 43 to 48c
. ~0.9GB Ram Free
. No performance issue with system or other applications

One Incarna Client – in Captain Quarters
. CPU Utilisation 12-14%
. CPU Temps 55 to 60c
. ~0.6GB Ram Free
. Some stuttering or refresh issues with other applications

Two Incarna Clients – both in Captain Quarters
. CPU Utilisation 22-30%
. CPU Temps 60 to 62c
. ~0.3GB Ram Free
. Noticeable delays swapping between applications, system nowhere near as sooth

Two Incarna Clients – One in Captain Quarters, 1 in Space
. CPU Utilisation 10-15%

Two Incarna Clients – 2 in Space
. CPU Utilisation 5-9%

Two Incarna Clients – Docked but with station environment turned off
. CPU Utilisation 6%
. CPU Temps drop to around 50c

So – I went from being able to run 3 EVE Clients without any impact on my desktop, to running 2 EVE clients and finding it running noticeably slower.  It impacts the way I can play the game – I can’t just leave an industry or price check alt logged in for hours while I work, playing 0.01ISK wars or watching a contract, as it impacts the desktop too much.  Oh – but I can turn off the station environment.  And then I find myself wondering how EVE’s latest upgrade has in fact turning out to be a downgrade.

There are also a growing list of annoyances and bugs – such as finding if I sit down on the couch, my character will then stand again, but will refuse to walk anywhere until you re-dock or re-log.  Or how if you are opening windows and moving assets around, you keep finding 3D menus jumping up in the background as the mouse crosses hot spots.  What I really want right now is the option to have my old station environment back – where I can see my ship, spin it around to my heart’s content, and not have it impact the running of my desktop.  I want to go into Incarna when I have a reason to – and not be forced to all the time.  If you ran multiple clients on an even lower spec’d computer, you would be screaming about now…

I’m not raging, I am not cancelling my accounts, I am not hating CCP.  I don’t however want to run the current Incarna Client.


One thought on “Incarna thoughts 02

  1. I do no multi boxing at the moment, but even with one client one time I noticed unusually increased fan noise (using an ATI 5700 card). So I had a look at the Catalyst control panel: While in Captains quarters the GPU load goes to 80-90 percent while in space it is ~40%. I had no eye on the CPU figures. Nevertheless, for space I switched of the HDR eye candy and set AA from none to medium. Would say it looks even a bit better as bevor while saving some load percetage. In the long term I’m sure I will switch of the Captains quartes and use the static background – for its just eye candy atm and the relevant functions are reached quicker in the good old station window.

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