Incarna thoughts 04

The rage continues unabated.  The EVE Forum thread I linked too last post is now up over 200 pages and 6,000 posts.  There are online player protests in the main trading hubs, and news that some of the most enraged EVE twitter and blog writers are being handed out in game bans for threatening behaviour.  CCP released a Dev Blog on the issue:

It reads ok to me – but then again my issues with Incarna are only in game ones.  It can all get overwhelming however, so I’ve taken the proverbial Ostrich approach and stuck my head in the sand, and gone back to my original notes to myself.

. The new Amarr Maller hull is an improvement.

. The new Agent Finder – the response is a little slow, often requires two clicks to start it, the Agent Level hot spots are a little too small, and the Prev and Next options should only be shown if there are in fact pages to navigate to.  Also need an option to search by region.  Basic functionality however is good, and it is a useful addition to the game.

. The new Corporation Recruitment interface is much improved and actually nice.  Seem to be responsive and is another useful addition to the game.

. Planetary Interaction in Captain Quarters seems to basically just be a hot spot on screen which brings up the old interface.  Not really anything that should be considered a feature.

. Ship Fitting tools in Captain Quarters again is just two hot spots on screen which brings up the old interface.  Not really anything that should be considered a feature.

. The bit about all players must customize their characters – I did not see this prompt when I logged my toons in.  Obviously if you have previously suppressed the message this new requirement wasn’t demanded of you.

. I have docked and undocked from multiple different types of stations, and I just can’t see how it is now more visually appealing.

I’ve turned off Captain Quarters in my all clients now.  (Actually, it would be nice to have that setting be character based and not client install based.)  I’ll revisit it each time there is a patch or update to check for changes, but just at the moment any interest factor doesn’t overcome the cost of the performance hit.

Incarna thoughts 03

I haven’t played the game much the last couple days.  I know it is nonsensical, but docking with a static background is off-putting.  It doesn’t have the sense of relaxed familiarity.  I keep catching myself trying to double click to open a cargo hold or rotate my camera angle.  Having the fitting window open does however help.

The Tsunami (and I use that word deliberately) of angst and rage coming from the user base and directed at CCP is just, well, astounding.   CCP Pann made an official acknowledgement of the issue in the thread here:

In less than a day there were 4,000 replies and growing.  CCP Pann did however mess up (in my opinion) by suggesting the primary concern of people was the pricing in the Vanity store.  I literally slapped my forehead when I read that.

In itself, Incarna and the related issues do not warrant the huge backlash and people screaming about cancelling their accounts.  This however is not really just about Incarna anymore.  It’s like that argument your wife starts about something minor, which suddenly morphs into covering everything you have done wrong over the last 20 years that she hasn’t forgiven you for.  It comes down to that lack of forgiveness for past indiscretions, a loss of trust, and a feeling that CCP is losing touch and doesn’t understand the player base.

I hope this all ends up in good make up sex, and not irreparable damage to the relationship.  Anyone got the number of a good marriage counselor?