Incarna thoughts 03

I haven’t played the game much the last couple days.  I know it is nonsensical, but docking with a static background is off-putting.  It doesn’t have the sense of relaxed familiarity.  I keep catching myself trying to double click to open a cargo hold or rotate my camera angle.  Having the fitting window open does however help.

The Tsunami (and I use that word deliberately) of angst and rage coming from the user base and directed at CCP is just, well, astounding.   CCP Pann made an official acknowledgement of the issue in the thread here:

In less than a day there were 4,000 replies and growing.  CCP Pann did however mess up (in my opinion) by suggesting the primary concern of people was the pricing in the Vanity store.  I literally slapped my forehead when I read that.

In itself, Incarna and the related issues do not warrant the huge backlash and people screaming about cancelling their accounts.  This however is not really just about Incarna anymore.  It’s like that argument your wife starts about something minor, which suddenly morphs into covering everything you have done wrong over the last 20 years that she hasn’t forgiven you for.  It comes down to that lack of forgiveness for past indiscretions, a loss of trust, and a feeling that CCP is losing touch and doesn’t understand the player base.

I hope this all ends up in good make up sex, and not irreparable damage to the relationship.  Anyone got the number of a good marriage counselor?

2 thoughts on “Incarna thoughts 03

  1. Same here. The expansion is quite well done, but I, too, miss the good old ship spinning station. As you say: static background is boring/unfamiliar but CQ otherwise burns my GPU.

    I’m astonished about the rage too. I would pin it down to the very question/feeling that currently disencourages me from playing: This weekend I’d planned to run some havens to pile up some ISK. Now I have to ask what their value will be in the middle and long term? Will I end paying real money for everything in the game? Will it be still worth for anyone to defend a 0.0 system to make ISK? Will Eve end as an MT-based space shooter without deeper economics? There’s an uncertainty that CCP did not resolve.

    • I am not particularly concerned with the MT approach of CCP at the moment – I accept it is their right to brainstorm about the possibilities and change their mind on it if they want to.

      I wouldn’t want an EVE where MT can give you a direct boost in game. I’m not sure CCP would really go down that path – but I could easily be mistaken. Having said that – if they keep the same sort of pricing point as their Vanity Store (which their most recent posts indicate is where they want it), then I can’t see it being cheap enough for the majority of players to use anyway. (And the others can use PLEX to achieve the same sort of thing through character purchases anyway.)

      If I was you, I would go and enjoy some quiet haven’s, while hoping your system isn’t sharing a node with a trading hub… 🙂

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