Incarna thoughts 05

I spent Sunday morning doing my weekly PI updates, a data core run for Alt 1 (which netted 120M), and made some adjustments to my Trade orders.  I even – shamefully, glanced through the contracts for any interesting “I am leaving EVE, here is all my stuff” sales, but they were all scams.

(The above image is a fraction of the hundreds of Shuttles dumped on Jita 4-4 undock by protestors this weekend, designed (and effective) in causing great lag)

With further use of Incarna I can say my favourite bit is actually the automatic sort done after you do a stack all.  What a great little change.  The new turret icons however could use some work – they need to be clearer and cleaner.

I also kept an eye on what has become the “I don’t trust CCP with MT” thread which I will link to again:

It is up to over 11,400 posts in 3 days, most reporting dissatisfaction.  It is a little sad to watch to be honest – a sort of perfect storm of emotion that has its own momentum.

CCP (finally) released a new Dev Blog:

It reiterated that there are still no plans for selling EVE boosts via MT.  They have organised an extraordinary (i.e. emergency) meeting with the CSM in several days to discuss and work out how to address the player’s main concerns.  They won’t be discussing it further until after the CSM meeting due to the volatility of the topic and not wanting errors in their communication to make things worse.

I am not a great fan of the current CSM, being Null-Sec / Veteran heavy, but it has been comforting to read posts from Seleene and Mittani which show they haven’t mindlessly climbed above the rage train, and are focused on the in game issues with Incarna.

It seems an overly safe approach however – it gives CCP a chance for things to settle down, and “looks” to be doing the right thing.  However – it comes at the risk of allowing the anti-CCP movement to cause irreparable and lasting damage.

While it is easy to be swept up in the drama, at the back of my mind there is one thing which keeps me grounded.  The goals of some of those involved in the protests, possibly even whoever released the internal CCP communications, do not appear to be entirely wholesome.  The inferred and sometimes stated goal of some is to hurt CCP.  While the majority of people want the same – for EVE online to continue, grow and improve, some calling for action actually want it to crash, burn and die.

So I will wait and see.  I hope that CCP doesn’t get all emo and butt hurt about the protests, that they continue with Captain Quarters but give us back our ship spinning so we can multi-client happily, and that they continue to only post Vanity items to their store.

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