Incarna thoughts 06

The CSM is in Reykjavik talking to CCP about Incarna and the in-game  store issues.  Not surprisingly, it might take a couple days to see official correspondence from these meetings.  Here are some links to deliberately vague feedback from CSM members after day 1:!/TheMittani

Of possible note – the CSM members did not always like what they heard, and some discussions on the Noble Exchange became more heated, but overall they were not confrontational and were productive.  They were provided information on how many accounts had unsubscribed.  Some of their concerns seemed to have been allayed – but there was a level of annoyance that the situation has gone this far when better and earlier communication might have resolved things.  Of particular note was the Mittani mentioning that he was happy with what he had heard regards ship spinning.  Day 2’s topic looks to cover future contents of the in game store.


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