Incarna thoughts 07

CCP and the CSM released joint statements regards their extraordinary meeting.

CCP acknowledged communication could have been better.  It is CCP’s plan not to use the NeX store for anything other than vanity items.  The pricing tiers and strategy for goods In the NeX store will be better communicated.  Some form of the original ship spinning hanger will return at some future date.

The CSM indicated ship spinning of some form will return – until Captain Quarters is similar to pre-Incarna performance.  In their view the NeX rollout was poorly planned and implemented, and should have been delayed until more low-tier items were available.  They are convinced that CCP has no plans to introduce anything but vanity items to the store.  “Most of these issues, when dealt with in isolation, were reasonably simple to discuss and resolve, but combined they transformed a series of errors into the most significant crisis the EVE community has yet experienced.”  There was a general tone of annoyance from the CSM in regards the situation.

This was the outcome I was expecting – but I wonder if it will be enough for the angry EVE player who has unsubscribed.  They have rallied and rioted to end up being told what, frankly, was said right from the start.  CCP does not plan on introducing anything other than vanity items to the store.

We will thankfully get some form of ship spinning back – but it could be construed that it won’t just be a matter of turning on the old code, and as such we might not see anything for many, many months.  And of course – CCP cannot give a cast-iron guarantee they won’t add non-vanity items in the far distant future because frankly they don’t know who will own or run the EVE franchise, or what the game will evolve into.  For the moment however it will remain player driven.

So after an astonishing outcry, we end up back where we started.  Do the players now pat themselves on the back for steering the CCP ship in the right direction?  Do they meekly go back to playing the game as if nothing happened?  Do they continue to rage, but to an ever diminishing audience of listeners?  Or do they realise their connection with the game is broken and move on?  So what does the player do?  That is where I suspect the CCP and CSM statements didn’t quite work.  There was acknowledgement instead of groveling apology, and no black and white dates for when the proposed fixes will be put in place.  Is that enough for someone who has invested their emotions into the protest to feel vindicated and happy?

Meanwhile I have just been busy making use of the agent finder, and started the process of moving some of my mission bases around.