Moving Day

In light of the recent changes to agent types and quality, I made the first adjustment to the location of my mission bases on Sunday.  I moved my L4 Amarr Base from a system 15 jumps away, to one 2 jumps away.  Moving 6 ships and their assorted spares and ammunition took quite a while.  I also consolidated some of these (swapping a salvaging Destroyer & Hurricane for a Noctis for example), and updated their fittings.  I also did the weekly PI runs and my buy and sell orders.  All in all I frittered away half a day.

I ran 3 clients at the same time for most of this period, and had some observations on the differences between doing this with the Incursion and Incarna Clients (with CQ turned off).  Double clicking is not always registering.  The PC had a tendency to freeze for several seconds at a time – most commonly when one of the clients was undocking.  At one point I tried to view the in game map via a contract / location link, but it failed to display.  I also had a couple socket closed disconnections when leaving characters travelling on autopilot.  All told the new client seems more resource intensive and less stable, even with CQ turned off.  I look forward to that improving over time.

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